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We've a nice population of Barred Owls in our area of Central Illinois. I hope you enjoy viewing these creatures as much as I enjoy photographing them!
Saw Whet Owl 1 2020Saw Whet Owl 5 2020Saw Whet Owl 2 2020Saw Whet Owl 4 2020Saw Whet Owl 3 2020Barred Owl 022619-3Barred Owl 022619-2Barred Owl 022619-1NorthernSawWhetOwl-1NortherSawWhetOwl-2NorthernSawWhetOwl-4NorthernSawWhetOwl-3Red Bud OwlBarred Owl 030816-1Barred Owl 030816-2Great Horned Owl Nestlings 4Great Horned Owl Nestlings 4bGreat Horned Owl Nestlings 1Great Horned Owl Female On Nest 1Great Horned Owl Female On Nest 2